Imagine a mountain-bike race from the top of the snow-capped French Alps, sludging through the snow on a ski slope and racing to the finish through the valley which ends at Allemund… That’s what this awe-inspiring mountain bike ride called Megavalanche is all about.

The Megavalanche is a downhill mountain bike race, the longest of its kind, starting from 3300meters at the top of Pic Blanc above the iconic French Ski resort of Alpe D’Huez, descending 25 kilometers to the valley below.  2000 competitors battle through qualification to make it to the 200-rider race down the ski slope and mountain.

Have a look at the video below for some insight into the experience.

Entries: These open in January for race week in July.  For more information and your chance to enter check out-
Travel:  The nearest airport to the race is  Lyon, France
Accommodation: Chalet Ribot,
Equipment: 160/170mm enduro mountain bike

Alex Magilton

Alex has a passion for adventure and travel, if he can combine these with mountain-biking and snowboarding he is in his element. He funds his travels by working as a carpenter in the United Kingdom, but spends most winters in the Swiss Alps instructing others on how to snowboard. You will often find him on his bike, looking for the next adrenaline fix!fixes.