OddWheel is a short film about Mountain Unicycling in South Africa. The film focuses on Shaun Devenish and his unicycling journey, and passion to see unicycling in South Africa grow as a sport.

It placed 3rd in the Cape Union Mart Adventure Film Challenge 2016

For years Nic has been watching short adventure films on a daily basis and often felt the urge to either star in one or make one himself. ‘Oddwheel’ the film is a step in that direction.

We are thrilled that Shaun’s story and skills are out there for the rest of South Africa to see and that mountain unicycling in SA is growing as a result of Nic’s short film.

Follow us on a journey to discover more about one of South Africa’s more unconventional yet exhilarating  extreme sports.

Nic Paidas

Nic Paidas is an Adventurer at heart, who loves a regular adrenaline rush from the Outdoors; be it through Climbing, Uni- Cycling, Kayaking or simply exploring interesting places. In recent years, Nic has started refining his skills in capturing his adventures and the adventures of others through the lens. He films and edits short films showing the unconventional, less popular extreme sports which are happening in South Africa.