Work for G&T

Hour commitments: 20 hours per week

Travel opportunities: 

Base salary with commission opportunities


Job requirements:

Contributor Management

Publication management

Promotion seeker management

Database management

Editor/design (photoshop) and writing responsibilities


The role is ideal for someone who has some experience in the writing/editing/publishing field. Digital marketing, photo editing and sales & marketing skills are also an advantage. This is a role that we hope will grow into a full-time position, but this will be determined by the success of the initial 3-month contract.

At the moment we release a quarterly magazine and weekly articles to showcase our content.  However, we are developing the business hub idea and your role will be central to bring in new business for which you will earn commission. As advertised the role will require 20hrs of work a month which can be done flexi-time and remotely, and will involve the following duties:

  • Preparation of weekly article release as well as quarterly online magazine
  • Management of social media feeds as well as our reader subscription lists
  • Liaising with our content creators to produce articles, videos and photos for the website
  • Acting as sales rep to our clients (both selling articles to media publications, as well as selling promotions to tourism operators). This will be on a commission basis.

If you have not yet read the following link please familiarize yourself with our business model.

Applicants should know how to use social media tools such as Facebook and Instagram and have a general understanding of wordpress (used to maintain our website) and photoshop.  There will be basic training on offer from our 3 directors in these 3 months, although in all likelihood this will be done remotely.

If you are someone who would like to spend a few extra hours developing a growing brand, someone who enjoys travel and inspiring others to do the same please send us an indication of your expected salary and we will continue the discussions (over a coffee if you are based in Cape Town, otherwise via Skype). We would like the role to begin in January 2018.