Go and Travel Geneva

Every city needs a centre point as its soul, and seeing as Geneva is built on the shores of one of the largest freshwater lakes in Europe, you won’t have any difficulty finding this one. The city has the historic old town on the left shore and the international town on the right, with the picturesque lake always in the centre.

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Rising from the smoke

For all the bad press that Johannesburg receives, its undercoat proves to be a burgeoning brush of colour, just waiting to be experienced for its rich history, diverse culture, interesting cuisine and friendly locals.

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Learning to speak the Lion King language on an island far away

Floating on the water’s edge I gazed back to the speck of huts and ant-sized people going about their daily routines and was glad my afternoon involved nothing more than a relaxed ride as the surging tide steered my lime green lilo back to shore.

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