Tankwa Karoo: it’s dry, but you can drive it

A red Coca Cola-branded water tank, a light blue skedonk with its bonnet buried in the ground, and a signboard that reads “Free Wi-Fi” indicated that this must be it. It’s hard to believe that there’s any form of network connection here so we remained sceptical…

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Is glamping a “thing”?

Once upon a time dear reader, wagon trains crossed our land and the sounds of lowing oxen and the cracking of whips echoed across the vast open plains. When the shouts of the pioneers as they stopped to set up camp and erect their tents for the night broke the silence of the darkness as it quickly spread from horizon to horizon.

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Around the South African Table at Leopard’s Leap

Food is a big part of travel and relationship: once you have shared a local meal with someone in a place other than your hometown, you instantly have a deeper connection.

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