Where is the love? We pick South Africa’s most romantic hideaways

Choosing a romantic destination for a holiday is not an easy task. Many couples can’t agree on which side of the bed to sleep on, never mind having to decide between a mountain cabin and a seaside cottage. So whether it’s to flame a new romance into life or rekindle an old one, we’ve selected South Africa’s four quirkiest romantic getaways for you to enjoy – places guaranteed to please both partners and ignite the passion.

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Haggling for Haggis

In my mind, Scotland is the land of cruel misconceptions and nasty national clichés. I’d spent my life being told that Scots were stingy, unfriendly, ugly and hard to understand. So, one day I decided to pack my bags and go find out for myself, and hopefully meet William Wallace, bagpipes, kilts, haggis, whisky and all things Scottish along the way.

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