Here is a glimpse into what two weeks in the Philippines look like… dive in!


Flights: They are often delayed or even canceled due to inconsistent weather.  Try and avoid booking flights within a day of your Siargo flight.  Slow down…take it easy you are entering paradise.

Money: Most resorts will take cards, but there are no ATM’s on the island, so be sure to draw enough cash at the airport.

Visas:  These are issued on arrival at the airport.

Entertainment: Most resorts host acoustic evenings or film nights.  Check their websites for details of what’s happening in the week.  A “Jungle Party” is not to be missed, make sure you book a taxi home.  Island hopping can take anywhere between 2-5 hours and can include a lunch on one of the islands if you like.

A glimpse of paradise
A glimpse of paradise

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