Synonymous with travelling in Nepal are the mountains, climbing and trekking. But G&T gets to delve deeper into this magnificent destination as we follow Alex down the Karnali river, which flows through the jungle, close to The Indian border.  This is the “Wild West”of Nepal and an experience of a lifetime.


Whilst no paddle experience is necessary it would be worthwhile going on a shorter trip first to get familiar with being on the water.

Be Prepared for:
Grade 4+ whitewater
Camping on untouched river beaches
Meeting locals from small farms and villages
Seeing the country from the rivers perspective.
When to go:
Ideally September to December but river trips also run outside of these months.
How to get there:
Fly to Kathmandu International airport you then have the option to transfer by land or air to Pokhara
In advance via embassy or at the airport.
Leave this to the experts who know the area well.  Paddle Nepal can organise the boats, river guides and most importantly dry food after a wet day down the river.  You may determine your level of adventure by selecting a trip from 1 day to 3 weeks.
Tips: Pack small.  You need less than you think going down the river and extra luggage is more hassle than it is worth as you navigate down the river.
Take a change of clothes in your hand luggage.  Its not a guarantee that your luggage will arrive with you… this is after all the Wild West of Nepal.

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