The Garden route in South Africa boasts some of the tallest tree’s.  The garden route hosts some of the tallest, oldest and most unique trees in Southern Africa. A few tree enthusiasts climb and measure these trees every few years so that they can be documented and protected.
Knysna has some huge plantations of Karri Gums (Eucalyptus diversicolor). Some of these forest giants have become so big that they are now protected from forestry. Despite recent fires in the area, many of these trees continue to grow taller.
There is a stand of Redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens) at Grootvadersbos nature reserve planted by Cecil John Rhodes in the early 1900’s. Although not indigenous to the Cape, these trees are completely unique.
In Tsitsikamma some of the oldest and tallest Yellowwoods (Prodocarpus falcatus) can be found. A unique tree was discovered in Natures Valley. This tree was found to be completely hollow, aptly name the Cave Tree. You will need to hike along the Kalanderkloof or Groot Rivier route to spot these ancient specimens.

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