Paris, Milan, London, New York, Simon’s Town – if you live in Cape Town, you need not look much further than your own backyard for a taste of the good life.”

We could all do with a digital detox every now and then in today’s fast-paced, always-on world. For me, that means any place near the sea… and a little bit of luxury never hurt anyone.

‘Local’ seems like the antithesis of luxury, but like Charlize Theron, Tintswalo at Boulders proves that the best things are home grown. Paris, Milan, London, New York, Simon’s Town – if you live in Cape Town, you need not look much further than your own backyard for a taste of the good life.

My serene weekend staycation at Tinstwalo at Boulders luxury villa was a welcome reprieve from the glorification of being busy.

Hidden beauty


This is the best-kept secret on the False Bay coastline of Southern Africa, set above the famous African Jackass Penguin Colony in Boulders Beach, Simons Town. In my opinion anyway… my biased, beach-tanned, sun-worshipping, relaxation-seeking opinion.

This luxurious hideaway, my very own beauty in the boulders, was my home for two tranquil days.

Tucked away amongst the fynbos, endless ocean views to be admired from the terrace or the pool, close enough to the beach to partake in water sports, you can do as little or as much as you like.

To do or not to do

The best part about my solo ventures is getting to explore my surroundings and chatting with locals without an itinerary or time limit.

Whilst there is an entry fee to enter Boulders Beach park where you can swim with the penguins, walking along the boardwalk and observing them in their natural habitat is free of charge. I chose the latter and took a stroll on Burghes’ walk.


I met some nuns from Kenya who were just as excited as Gautengers* arriving at the beach when they saw the tuxedoed little guys. One of the sisters happily obliged to take a photo of me. Unfortunately her fingers were in front of the lens, but I thanked her for trying.

Sunsets and seafood

What to eat when by the seaside? Seafood of course! A big plate of good ol’ beer battered fish and chips will do. Whilst serving up local South African fare, Seaforth Restaurant, on the water’s edge of Boulders Beach, is not shy with their portions. Definite value for money, if not for the view alone.

I had a front-row seat to Mother Nature’s golden hour, whilst merrily munching away. I noticed that the penguins seem to frolic most at sunset, when the humans retreat from the watery depths.


Sleeping beauty

In South Africa we have an Afrikaans saying: “magies vol, ogies toe” which translates to “tummies full, eyes closed.” After scoffing my entire plate of fish and chips like a ravenous seagull, I took a leisurely stroll back to the villa.

A warm bath, hot cup of tea, soft sheets and a little bit of television to lull me into Never-Never land was just what I needed.

After turning the key into my palatial suite, The Cutty Sark, it’s as if they read my mind. A plush gown and slippers with a handwritten card “Hope you enjoyed your stay” awaited me on turn down.

Despite the complimentary WiFi (usually my kryptonite), I savoured my me-time sans social media and blissfully dozed off.

Most notable about this boho beach chic villa is the nod toward Simon’s Town’s maritime history with each of the rooms being named after famous vessels. Ranging from the Mayflower and the Cutty Sark, to Jan van Riebeeck’s Drommedaris. Each one as unique as the vessel of days gone by.

Rise and shine

A morning pool dip and breakfast al fresco consisting of a continental smorgasbord of fresh fruits, pastries, cured meats, cheeses, hummus, pesto, Eggs Benedict, and a side of caffeine, kick-started my day. 


Whether it’s me-time or we-time, one thing I can guarantee is that indulgence is the order of the day at Tintswalo at Boulders. As you depart this idyllic haven, you will feel completely relaxed, recharged and reluctant to go.

*Gautengers hail from South Africa’s Gauteng province which is far from the coast.


Tintswalo at Boulders Boutique Villa forms part of Tintswalo Lodges, an elegant collection of five family-owned and run properties within South Africa. 

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