Tourlane has compiled a list of eight exotic destinations to visit during the season of December 2019 to March 2020 that are said to be cheaper than a week of skiing in the USA.

The index, which includes three countries in South America, Africa, and two in Oceania, reveals how expensive domestic ski vacations are in comparison to other adventurous trips to what some would describe as “exotic” locations. 

Exotic destination list

South Africa comes in first place as the most affordable exotic destination during this specific season. Here are the rest of the destinations: 

“Places like South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia are frequently thought of as once-in-a-lifetime destinations,” says Tourlane’s director of marketing, Jillian Randolph. “They are actually cheaper than visiting Colorado for a week of skiing, giving travellers an exotic alternative to an expensive week on the slopes.” 

Additional takeaways from the research: 

  • South America and Africa are the best-represented continents in this year’s ranking, with three countries each in the top eight. 
  • South America dominates the affordable end of the ranking, with three of the top five countries located there. 
  • A week in Beaver Creek, Colorado is 259% more expensive than a week in South Africa, 195% more expensive than a week in Argentina, and 176% more expensive than a week in Chile. 


In order to rank the exotic destinations based on price, the following price factors were researched for a seven-day period, using Tourlane’s own data: All transfers, activities, and accommodation. To understand how these prices compare to a week on the slopes, the price of ski rental, a lift ticket, lunch, and accommodation for a seven-day period was also researched. 

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