Thule Landmark Backpack

“I’ve done all my travels with the Thule Landmark Backpack over the past eight months – from a two-week summer trip to Turkey, followed by a 10-day travel to Greece, followed by another four-week summer holiday to Sicily…”

Roughly eight months ago, I set off on a year-long adventure – travelling from South Africa to some bucket-list destinations such as Italy, Turkey, Greece, Portugal, France, Holland, Austria and Czech Republic. For this once-in-a-lifetime trip, I luckily had Thule by my side… or should I rather say, with Thule “having my back” with the Thule Landmark Backpack.

Introducing the Thule Landmark Backpack

So far, the backpack has been the ideal size for my travels – 60L of combined packing space from the 40L main bag and 20L add-on daypack. 60 litres might sound like little space – and it might be too little for some. But as an aspiring light traveller who is somewhat of a skilled packer by now, I feel like it has allowed me to fit my stuff with relative ease.

Just the beginning of the packing session with this modern Mary Poppins bag!

I’ve done all my travels with the Thule Landmark Backpack over the past eight months – from a two-week summer trip to Turkey, followed by a 10-day travel to Greece, followed by another four-week summer holiday to Sicily (so I’m talking plenty summer beach outfits, sandals, swimming costumes, dresses and more!); a wine tasting getaway in the Chianti region in Tuscany; a week trip to Chamonix, France to support the Mont Blanc Ultra Trail runners; to enjoying the autumn in Porto, Portugal; lazing in the south of Holland for a long weekend; another trip to Chamonix (this time packing for snowy conditions and skiing!) and, finally, celebrating the Christmas season in Salzburg and Prague.

Each time, my various travel companions would see me with only my backpack and handbag, ready for action, I’d get similar responses: a slow head shake of disbelief which would usually be followed by “how on earth do you travel so light!?” Then I’d typically grin and say, “well, it’s not me, it’s the bag.”

But I’m being totally honest here, folks. The Thule Landmark Backpack is so cleverly engineered that it makes packing super easy and actually still leaves me speechless each time I add the last item and close the zipper.

Two of my favourite things about this bag is that it has a removable 20L daypack which securely fits my laptop. The only downside of this smaller daypack is that it doesn’t have a hipbelt (only the main 40L bag has a hipbelt). And as someone who often suffers from back and neck pain, a hipbelt is somewhat of a necessity so that I can carry most of the weight on my hips (even when carrying a smaller daypack).

Secondly, it was designed to be used as a carry-on when the add-on daypack is removed and carried as a personal item. Which is great, because there are few things I hate more than checking in luggage.


Fast facts

  • The Thule Landmark 60L backpack combines a comfortable carrying system with a removable 20L add-on daypack.
  • The daypack comes complete with 15″ MacBook® storage, a breathable backpanel and a secret CashStash pocket for money and personal items.
  • The backpack has a special SafeZone compartment to keep important items such as your mobile phone, sunglasses, and other valuables safe and protected.
  • You can cleverly hide your money and passport from pickpockets in the covert CashStash compartment hidden under the SafeZone.
  • You can move the daypack to the front by attaching it to the front of the shoulder straps to enjoy a hands-free, balanced and secure carry. 
  • Prevent wear and tear by tucking away the shoulder straps and hipbelt when not in use.
  • Deter theft with LoopLocks by securing zipper pulls to the bag. Double zipper pulls can also be locked with a small lock, if you have one. 
  • Belongings are held securely in place and organised with internal compression straps and mesh storage pockets.
  • Store a water bottle and other small items in the zippered side pocket.
  • Easily move the sternum strap whistle from the main pack to the daypack for an added level of safety on any outing.

The Thule Landmark Backpack has truly equipped me for all the adventures that cross my path and I won’t be parting with it anytime soon! 


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