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G&T is constantly scouting out the best writers, photographers and videographers to ensure that our audience and that of the publications we supply content to, enjoy honest, inspiring and adventurous accounts of travel experiences from around the globe.

Firstly, we’ll send you our writer guidelines and requirements you’ll need to meet in order to get your article published on Go & Travel (G&T). Our standards are high, however, this section deals with the frequently asked questions which should help you on your way.

At G&T we believe there are amazing stories out there that need to be told! If you enjoy writing, why not write for us? If you’re constantly capturing stories through the lens, why not share it with people through our platform? Apply to join our team of highly skilled freelance travel writers and photographers.

We only look at travel proposals by email, so if you want your work published on G&T this is what you need to know:

Should I send my written story in full?

If you have already completed the trip you wish to document, please email the article as well as some information about yourself to Please include a few sentences which explain your travel experience and why you see it as a good fit for G&T audiences. Don’t forget to include details of your previous work (you can send us links to articles, or attached documents). Make sure that your email subject line sums up the article well e.g. Skiing in Austria.

I have submitted my proposal – When will I hear from G&T?

If we like your proposal we will ask you for a copy of your full article (in MS WORD) format, as well as 10-15 of your best photos from the trip. We will usually select between 5-8 photos which will accompany your article.

Please don’t expect an immediate reply from us as we often need to juggle articles and destinations so that we offer a great variety of destinations to our valued G&T readers.

However, if you have not heard back from us within three weeks you are welcome to send us a reminder. If you need an answer before a specific date please make sure you outline this in your original proposal. If this date passes, you can assume we were unable to publish your story.

This is my first travel writing article – will it be considered?

Yes! We believe in giving adventurous and fun-seeking travellers the chance to share their experiences and would love to be the platform that creates the space for you to do this. However, it is important that you display your writing flair, write in a professional manner and ensure that your article is a good fit for G&T.

Do you have any advice for aspiring travel writers?

Yes! At G&T we want to inspire writers to document their travels. We know that travelling is not always easy and you may incur some pitfalls along the way, but don’t let this deter you from your writings – often it is just these strange or obscene scenarios that make for a great story and keep our G&T readers coming back for more.

If you would like more tips please contact our editor on

What makes my article a good fit for G&T?

We want to provide our readers with quality articles, the best photographs and the most accurate information for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps. Stories should evoke the emotion of a reader and enable them to put together a similar experience.

G&T encourages its readers to explore travel destinations from top to bottom, align themselves with local culture and cuisine and actively pursue adventure by getting their fix of adrenaline or discovering the magic of a coastal resort which stands out as someplace special.

We also encourage articles which give insight to parents seeking a similar type of holiday which would be appropriate for younger children. Unusual angles on well-known places or new events are of particular interest, as there are many people out there with great ideas and we love giving these people exposure so they can continue to grow their events. We do not want run-of-the-mill generic articles and for this reason, we prefer pieces to be written by someone who has spent a good amount of time in their destination embracing the core values of travel which G&T believe in.

Familiarise yourself with the style, tone, and content of G&T, and remember we cannot publish too many similar articles or similar destinations, so the more ‘out there’ your article is, the better chance it will stand of being published. An important question to ask yourself is how your article differentiates itself from others and what new information it is providing to the reader.

Remember our social media channels are also open and waiting for your contributions so please tag us in whatever it is you are getting up to. Here are just a few ideas:


Just a shot of a plate and about 200 words about a meal is a simple idea, but effective if you are out experiencing a different culture or trying out a new recipe, don’t forget to send us pictures which capture the whole experience. Timelapse videos often work well to show how the meal was prepared.

Compelling headlines

Keep your article titles interesting, there is a lot of content out there and you want people to be captivated by your title so that they will read your work, here are a few examples we liked…

• I went to a tree climbing school to overcome my fear of failure
• How Tokyo became Asia’s graffiti capital
• How to move abroad When You’re Young and Broke

Making headlines sound like things you might overhear in conversations and then want to listen closer or join the conversation will engage your readers.

Use our name and get creative

We have the coincidence of being called G&T – use this connection with the drink. If you are drinking a G&T in an interesting place, send us a photograph. G&Ts are nice to look at and not hard to make. They carry a history of people having them in exotic places – like explorers of old swigging them in Africa, India and Southeast Asia. If you need an angle for a short story just have a G&T there and write a few words about where you are. So whether it is a G&T on a skyscraper rooftop, on the banks of the Nile or in Chinatown, London we want to hear and see it.

We include a “Know before you go” section at the end of all our articles which help our readers to take action and put together a similar trip.  It is important that these tips are well researched and include up-to-date information.

What kind of work gets published via G&T?

G&T includes various aspects of travel in their publication:

  • Destination features – These articles cover a specific destination, region or country, and normally include an adventurous activity which was a highlight of the trip (eg Running with the bulls in Pamplona). The article should be both anecdotal and informative, generally written in the first person and in the past tense, and between 800-1,200 words.
  • Upcoming events – These are shorter, topical pieces (550-750 words) giving information on a new event. Often new event organizers are looking for exposure and if you have the chance to do this for them they will see value in your article (eg a new mountain bike race around Mount Kenya).
  • Interviews – Perhaps you met someone of particular interest on your travels? Take the time to find out more about them and ask if they want their story told (eg. London based man takes one year to cycle through Africa).
  • Knowledge specialist – Do you have a lot of information on a specific travel-relevant subject? eg. Cycling holidays or family adventure trips. We would love to share your knowledge with the G&T readers. Please ensure that your facts are accurate and that you have in-depth knowledge of your content. There is nothing worse than a recent traveller disputing your claims.
  • Video Stories – A video is a great way to showcase a travel destination.  We like these to be kept between two and five minutes.  If we like it we will feature it on our YouTube channel.  We also ask for a “Know before you go” section which helps readers plan a similar trip.
  • Useful travel advice – Guide our readers by offering some practical advice and lessons you learned while exploring your destination. Help them save money, perhaps a tour operator you found particularly good value in or a local supermarket which sold souvenirs for a fraction of the price. Help them avoid any mistakes you may have made on your adventure. The style should be direct and instructive, but easy to read and implement. Eg. Finding the cheapest flights online or surviving on $3 a day in North America.
  • New ideas – we are open to new ideas, so if you have a proposal for articles please feel free to send it to us. Provided it is travel related and adds value to our readers’ travel plans, it can find a home at G&T.

Who reads G&T?

Our readers encompass all ages and budgets. They are well educated with some money to spend on things they are passionate about – travel. Many are active travellers, seeking advice on new places to explore and newfangled adventures to be had. Some may be more experienced than you, so keep this in mind as you put your article together. Whilst we do not differentiate between the individual traveller and those travelling in specialist groups, most enjoy exploring new places by foot or bike, adventure/adrenaline activities, and breathtaking photography.